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Since The Dawn Of Computer Age, MS Office Has Been The Mainstay Application Package, Which Stands As A Symbol Of Perfection, Trust, And Reliability Among Users Of Various Domains. It Comprises All The Tools And Features To Read, Edit And Compose All Office Related Documents. If You Want To Access Or Setup Your MS Office Account Then “Log On” To Office.Com/Myaccount

Whether It’s A Performance Report, Profit Statement, Or To Give A Presentation In The Next Meeting, MS Office Application Has Been A Life Saver For All Of Us At Some Point In Our Professional Life.

It Would Exhaust You Physically And Mentally To Try Doing Bulky Paperwork On PC/MAC Without The Use Of Office Applications. It Would Be Foolish To Spend Several Hours Doing One Thing, When You Can Perform Multiple Tasks At The Same Time. If Working On A Computer Is Inevitable, Then Work Smarter With Different Applications Designed For Different Purposes.

Before We Start Discussing, The Things You Need To Setup Office Setup And Applications Via Office.Com/Setup On Your Computer, Let’s Dig Into Some Of The Best Apps They Have In The Basket.

  • MS Word is used to create text documents with limited features to change the font and style of your text.
  • MS PowerPoint helps in creating presentations.
  • MS Excel helps in creating records, memos, reports, and paper presentations. It is a spreadsheet program designed for calculations and making charts.
  • MS Outlook helps in managing email accounts and calendars.
  • MS Access is an information management application that enables you to preserve a large quantity of data including reports and analysis within its database. As a database management tool, it is better than excel or any other spreadsheet applications.
  • MS Project is a project management application that enables organizations to manage their business campaigns and projects. It is intended to assist project managers in devising and executing plans, assigning resources to tasks, management budget allocation, and analyzing workloads.

What Is Office.Com/Myaccount? is the official webpage that gives direct access to your Office setup and subscriptions and helps you to manage, configure, renew, install and reinstall all your office products.

All you need is to visit the webpage and sign in to your personal Microsoft Account by entering your username and password in the allocated space. Once logged into the account, you can explore and avail latest offers, special discounts, new trends, technical support, and learn about the benefits of Office 365. It is very helpful while renewing your product subscription once it reaches the expiry date. Here are some of the notable features of MS Office that you might find amusing once you subscribe to the product:

  • Comprehensive management: You can manage your Microsoft account, keep your password updated, customize additional security settings, and give notifications of your billing updates.
  • View your products: You can sign in to your account to view all your products and subscription, check expiry dates, renew products, enter product key and perform multiple tasks.
  • Access from anywhere – if your device is connected to the internet, you can easily access your Microsoft account via
  • Get technical support: In case, you are stuck at some point while installing or activating your Office product or, a technical error occurs, you can get in touch with Microsoft Customer Support team for technical guidance.
  • Latest updates – You can easily access and download latest versions of your Office products with no additional charges. You don’t even need to remove the older version to update the new ones.
  • Extend Office to multiple devices – You can add Office apps to 5 to 6 new devices within the same subscription. Microsoft office account will allow you to transfer services to 10 devices in total.
  • Share your subscription (only office 365 home)
  • Access services like Skype and Onedrive
  • Everything is accessible at one place – For a majority of office users, Microsoft office account is the best option to monitor their subscriptions and products. This is where they perform all management activities. They don’t have to search for anything such as latest offers, latest updates, office 365 home products, etc. All they need is to visit and enter their credentials.

Please Note: if you already have an existing account on Microsoft Office Portal, you only need to enter your email credentials to get into your account. However, in case you are a new subscriber, and you never used MS Office products, then you need to create a new account to get started.

Steps to create a new Office account

  1. Visit the URL and click “Create a new account”.
  2. A form will appear on your screen. You need to fill in your personal details to complete the form.
  3. You will need to give all the details such as Full Name, address, email ID, Age, Country Code, etc. You also need to create a username and password that is unique and easy to recall.
  4. To choose how to sign in, use any of the following links:
    • Use your email instead
    • Use a phone number instead
    • Get a new email address
  5. Click “Next”.

If you already purchase your office subscription

If you are a first-time buyer, check all the options:

  • Enter your product key : Sign in to your and click on enter the product key
  • Install Office : Sign in to your Office account to download and install Office setup executable file on your device.
  • Manage Billing and Subscription : Set your billing cycle and auto-renewal process

If you don’t have an office subscription

If you’ve used a trial version of Office applications and now, you might want to purchase a new subscription. Do the followings to deploy MS Office on your computer:

  • Buy Office products : Sign in to your, click “Buy”, and go through the process to purchase your office subscription
  • Enter Product key : Sign in to your, and enter your product key after you purchase the subscription to download and install Office product you have subscribed.

In a nutshell

Microsoft Office offers you a one-stop solution for all issues related to MS Office suites. Having an Office account means, staying in touch of latest updates, discounted offers, and it allows you to view, manage, subscribe or renew your products. It keeps you informed of subscription that is on the brink of termination. In the end, if you struck at some point while installing and activating your Office products, or faced with an unexpected error, you can use the same Office account to contact Microsoft Customer Support for technical assistance.

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