Microsoft takes jibe at Apple: Mac Book itself says Surface Laptop 2 is better !

MacBook Air was first released in the year 2008; its popularity has been ever increasing since then. A lot of refreshments have been made to the MacBook Air line from time to time, and each time, there has been a steady growth in its popularity.

While MacBook Air has set the bar for the most successful series of laptop, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop series stepped up its game with the launch of its Surface Laptop 2 (released in 2017). It emerged out as one of the best clamshell laptops, giving a great fight to the MacBook Air with its slim modern design, a great 12.3 -inch touchscreen, a solid keyboard and touchpad, and a decent set of ports.

MacBooK Air VS. Surface Laptop 2

If we compare MacBook Air with Surface Laptop 2, there is no significant difference in the pricing of the two – the MacBook Air’s price starts at $1,199 and Surface laptop 2 starting cost is around $999. The two are virtually identical in size and weight. When it comes to other features, the two go toe-to-toe with each other.

The Surface Laptop 2’s display is 13.5 inches, while the MacBook Air’s is 13.3 inches, but the MacBook Air (2560 x 1600) has a higher resolution, compared with the Surface Laptop 2 (2256 x 1504). Stretching the string of comparison, we get to realize that the Surface Laptop 2’s Intel Core i5-8250U processor dominates the MacBook Air’s Intel Core i5-8210Y CPU as the U-series chip has four cores and the Y-series only has two. The two have the pretty similar battery life.

Owing to such similarity in the features, there has been a continuing tussle between Microsoft and Apple. The two companies have a history of taking shots at each other via ads. Microsoft has recently reignited the rivalry with the release of their new ad.

New Microsoft Ad

Microsoft went to great lengths to take a jab at Apple’s MacBook Air. The company has found an actual human named Mackenzie Book to denigrate Apple’s hardware.

In a 30-sec Ad, we see Mackenzie Book reiteriating many of the high-level comparisons between Apple’s machines and those from Microsoft. He mocks at Apple for lacking a touchscreen and that the MacBook Air is “slower” with a shorter battery life.

This isn’t the first time that we are seeing the rivalry between the two top-notches; apple has often taken a dig at Microsoft PCs with its classic “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” spots.


Without a doubt, both MacBook Air and Surface Laptop 2 have brought a healthy business for their companies, Apple and Microsoft, respectively. While Microsoft is expected to release refreshed Surface Pro and Surface Book models later this year, there is a rumour that MacBook Air 2019 is to be released in September, and it will get Intel’s latest processors, in comparison to its current packing 8th-generation i5 chips.

Thus, the two laptops are likely to grow stronger in their commercial segments.

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