Here are five amazing yet hidden features of Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Alexa-activated speaker is a great hit. Its various versions are gradually taking over the world. Out of all the versions, Amazon Echo has emerged as a best choice for most people because it’s the most versatile. You can use echo for various functions like listening to the radio stations, streaming music, setting timers, alarms, controlling the smart home devices, etc. These are the features which are already known to us. Alexa, however, is packed with tons of other useful voice commands which people do not really know about. Take a look at these 5 hidden features of Amazon Echo which you would be glad to know about.

Five hidden features of Amazon Echo

  1. You can add songs to your playlist from spotify

You can link your Spotify account to Alexa, allowing you to control your echo from any spotify app. So you can open the app on the device of your choice and start playing the songs. Besides, if you have a playlist already running on your echo, you can add songs in your playlist without disrupting the current song. This is more useful in a scenario when you don’t want to interrupt the playing music using your voice command and still modify the playlist.

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  1. Alexa doesn’t have to treat everyone the same

You can set up separate profiles on Alexa for each person in your household. A particular user would have its particular list of music, calendars access, and accounts for shopping. A registered user of Echo can create other profiles. Go to the settings in the Alexa app, click on household profile, and enter your account password. You can now let the other member of your house to log in using the same device, linked to your account.

  1. Set up a PIN Code for online shopping

You can protect your purchases on Amazon Echo by setting up a PIN Code for online shopping that you do on your voice command. In order to do the same, roll down to Voice Purchasing in the Alexa app and add the code in the “Require voice code” field. Every time you would be required to speak the code while making a purchase.

  1. You can even ask Alexa to help you sleep

Often, you do ask Alexa to go into the sleeping mode and not to disturb you unless prompted. However, the same Alexa could help you sleep if you do find some trouble in the same. You can unleash your command, “Alexa, help me sleep”. Alexa would play the ambient noises like that of the bird noises or rain sounds. You can pick the one that you like, and Alexa will play it in the background, enabling you to sleep peacefully.

  1. You can use Alexa remotely

Even when you are not in the range of Alexa’s microphone, you can still communicate with Amazon Echo. You can use its official voice remote, connecting you to the Echo over Bluetooth. Now, you know that even if you are a room or two away, Alexa would be in your control.

Now that you know that there are many functions to Echo rather than just listening to music from it, knowing its other features you can make the most of your favourite device.

Do you know about some other hidden features of Amazon Echo? Comment and let us know, below.

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